Puglia in Bocca

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Puglia in Bocca


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RESTAURANT – PIZZERIA | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia

Puglia in Bocca

Flavour, love and Mediterranean tradition


Love, flavour, and tradition: for more than ten years, Puglia in Bocca has been conquering the hearts and stomachs of its patrons with original dishes balancing innovation and classic tradition. Here you’ll find all the warmth and taste of Mediterranean hospitality: Saverio, chef and pizzaiolo, brings in local ingredients, vegetables, meat, and fish of the finest quality , all to offer you unique and mouth watering meals.
Puglia in Bocca is a restaurant and pizzeria takes to heart the Made in Puglia challenge: to conquer the palates of visitors from different culinary cultures with authentic flavours of Apulian cuisine. Even those who have the most refined palates will be surprised by the ingredients and produce that the Mediterranean climate has gifted to our culinary rich region. This restaurant even takes on another, nearly impossible, mission: to stupefy the palates of even the locals who come to taste re-visitations of classic Apulian recipes.
Various appetizers, original pasta dishes, amazing main courses from the land and sea, and a vast selection of pizzas, focaccias, and panini: a well rounded culinary experience!
Puglia in Bocca has a comfortable atmosphere, dependable wait staff, and all of the pleasure and variety of Mediterranean cuisine. Located only a few steps from the centre of Mola di Bari, this restaurant will amaze you each day with enthusiasm and originality: from the first bite you’ll be able to taste all the flavours of Puglia… in bocca!


Puglia in Bocca

Via Principe Amedeo, 43
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia