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GRILL AND SANDWICHES | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia

Mangiafuoco Gourmet

Carnivores par excellence


With more than 30 years experience of working with all types of meat, this family of carnivores has created a grill house directly from the tales of old! Fresh, certified select cuts of meat paired with local home made products and seasonal produce for dishes and sandwiches with authentic taste.
Salads, steaks, and sandwiches all named after characters from the famous story of Pinocchio, an unforgettable Italian fable just like the tastes of their hearty menu!
Do you feel like a talking cricket, a blue fairy, or maybe you’ve said one lie too many? Mangiafuoco knows all your secrets and is ready to satisfy your deepest desires: Veal or chicken hamburgers, angus beef, bombette rolls, zampina sausage, and cold cuts knowingly paired with cheese, potatoes, veggies, or rich sauces to create delicious and unique plates.
Each week Alessandra uses her vivid imagination, and the magic touch of their family butcher, to create a new and original sandwich that simply can’t be missed. In their display case you’ll also discover kid’s meal boxes complete with special surprises, panzerotti, rustic pizzas, club sandwiches, meat based snacks and special bombette.
Pair your gourmet meal with an exquisite glass of wine or with an artisanal Mangiafuoco beer!
Open every day except Tuesday, they also have a small eating space and have delivery service during the winter months.


Mangiafuoco Gourmet

Piazza XX Settembre 33
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia