La Cantina dei Briganti


La Cantina dei Briganti

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RESTAURANT | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia - Italy

La Cantina dei Briganti

Authentic flavours and an atmosphere from another time


With Leonardo, well known brigand and gentleman, eating in Mola di Bari means travelling through time into a fascinating atmosphere full of flavour.
They say that in the early ‘30s the buildings where you can now find Leo’s sumptuous restaurant were home to a social canteen: an intimate and crowded place, where the smell of fermentation, cheese, and cured meats mixed with the baritone voices that sung the songs of our land.

A restaurant that offers only genuine flavours: stewed donkey roulades, pasta dishes based on in season herbs and vegetables, such as rapini, chicory with fava beans, local tomatoes, prized meats and cheeses, and topped crostini paired with the unmistakeable Apulian and Italian wines.

The dining area is a blast from the past with furnishings in wood and terracotta, where you can find gramophones, old handbags, and antique furniture hidden in every nook of the typical Apulian tuff stone. Here you’ll always feel in good company, surrounded by the intoxicating spirit of the south. Should you wish to taste some exquisite local seafood or a massive t-bone steak, La Cantina dei Briganti in Mola di Bari is always ready to astound your palate with a tour of specially selected Mediterranean flavours.

Hand made stuffed pasta with a delicious filling of Mediterranean fish, traditional roman-style plates prepared by Chef Riccardo, a young roman chef with all the secrets of classic Italian cooking: amatriciana, cacio e pepe, Bolognese, and homemade ragus from the most revered cuisines from central Italy. Riccardo has a trained and attentive palate, thanks to his years of experience working in restaurants of super chic hotels, such as the Aleph and Palace, passing through Milan, Venice, Mantua, and Bari.

Fresh octopus, swordfish, and local grilled fish: taste them all with more than 60 different wines from some of the most well known producers in Italy, specially selected by an expert sommelier. Reds, rose’s, and whites from Tomaresca, Schola Sermenti, Pietro Tauro, Cantine Sandonaci, Angiuli, Antinori top, Sola, Amarone della Valpolicella, Teresa Manara, and many more.

Every day you’ll find new artisanal sweets and desserts, grappas, and unique and hard to find digestifs to help you end your dinner on a high note.

Open for dinner every evening, La Cantina dei Briganti is one of the few restaurants in Mola di Bari where you can try ragu with roulades for an unforgettable tranditional Sunday lunch Made in Mola di Bari.

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La Cantina dei Briganti

Vico Morgese 1
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia