Il Pirata Gourmet

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Il Pirata Gourmet



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PUB PIZZERIA HAMBURGERIA | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia

Il Pirata Gourmet

A tasty snack for any occasion


So howabout a double cheeseburger or a Gourmet gluten free appetizer plate? Don’t call the eye doctor just yet, you did indeed read that last sentence correctly! At Pirata Gourmet, pizzeria and hamburgeria, located right in the city centre of Mola di Bari, you’ll find an ample menu that can cater to all appetites! Classic hamburgers or audacious mega burgers clocking in at 300 grams accompanied by tasty side dishes, and of course pizzas, medaglioni, tagliatas, inventive salads, and desserts, all prepared with classic ingredients and doughs or, upon request, with gluten free or other options for diners with food allergies.
Time and attention is spent in picking out all ingredients used here, and Chef Luca, a young and ambitious chef and pizzaiolo from Mola di Bari, has more than ten years experience under his belt. A huge selection of mouth watering fried foods, including French fries, dippers, chicken nuggets, onion rings, mini panzerotti and various dipping sauces; pizzas, medaglioni, and ciccios with classic dough, Neapolitan whole-grain dough, or gluten free dough, all made with stone ground type 1 flour, rich in protein and fibre. At Il Pirata Gourmet, your pizza toppings will always be of the highest possible quality, and you’ll find a massive selection of appetizers, salads, hamburgers of all shapes and sizes, and an exquisite selection cuts of fresh and select cuts of Black Angus beef, le “Gourmetterie”.
Salty and sweet crepes, and every day a different freshly made dessert selection to always give the best to their clients.
Il Pirata Gourmet is composed of a welcoming internal seating area so as to pass your winter evenings in the warm comfort of friends or family while you enjoy a live concert or a quiz game, challenging the other tables to who knows the most trivia. From the first warm night of spring and all throughout the hot molese summer, you’ll also find open outdoor seating in a charming alleyway off of the main road, via Van Westerhout, in the bustling city centre of Mola di Bari.



Il Pirata Gourmet

Via Van Westerhout 42
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia