Cine Lumière

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Cine Lumière




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PUB PIZZERIA HAMBURGHERIA | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia – Italy

Cine Lumière

Action! Let’s eat!


The Fracchiolla Bros present: Cine Lumiere!
Michele and Enzo are two young and talented directors of a masterpiece of a pub in Mola di Bari: two large rooms graced with images of some of the greatest stars of the screen from Hollywood and Rome, and with a menu fit for the Oscars!
Between the shaded glances of Toto’, the glare of Al Pacino, and a statue of Captain America you’ll be able to quench your thirst with a fresh beer on tap or taste a delicious pizza or one of their many other salty snacks.
Just like a theatre, this pub offers over 150 seats and a large and comfortable parking area.
Nestled between their tables you’ll always feel amongst friends: from the trailers, salty snacks to start off your night, to the main event, their gourmet pizzas. You can satisfy your thirst with over thirty types of beers from all over the world English, Irish, small craft Italian, Belgian, American, German, and Scottish.
Enzo and Michele know exactly how to have fun in a group and so each week they organize musical events and group games in which the entire pub can have a good time challenging themselves and each other.
In the summer, Cine Lumiere becomes a tropical paradise: really feel on vacation sipping on a fizzy drink underneath palm trees on their outdoor terrace!
Also make sure to check out all your favourite sporting events here: soccer, basketball, baseball and football, there’s something for everyone.
Cine Lumiere’s social presence is always kept up to date with the newest releases from the Fracchiolla Bros, follow them and don’t miss a beat!


Cine Lumière

Viale Paolo VI, 65/67
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia