Al Gambero Rozzo


Al Gambero Rozzo

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Osteria | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia

Al Gambero Rozzo

Taste all that the sea has to offer


Shrimp, lobster, clams, mussels, sea urchins, octopus, sea bass, sea bream, and anchovies: you’re not “under da sea” but in Mola di Bari, at Al Gambero Rozzo osteria! Tommy and his super efficient team know how to offer you the very best selection of fish and seafood, fresh that day from the waters around Mola di Bari and brought directly to your plate. Here you’ll not only the find the classic recipes of the Apulian tradition, but also original reinterpretations of typical dishes with innovative international flavours.
Each day, new delicious aperitivos from the land or the sea are designed according to what’s freshest, be it local fish or seasonal vegetables; pastas and rice dishes bursting with the fragrances of fresh Mediterranean flavour and main courses with decisive tones and traditional cooking styles: roasting, braising, au gratin, or cooked in the typical tiella. You’ll always be astounded by the intense and unmistakeable tastes in all the daily plates offered by Al Gambero Rozzo. Crunchy mixed fried fish and seafood will always be available to accompany an excellent wine selection, or with a carafe of fresh local house wine.
Open at lunch and dinner, this restaurant has two internal rooms and a large nautical themed outdoor seating section. Set sail for the horizon and taste all the flavours the sea has to offer with Al Gambero Rozzo osteria!


Al Gambero Rozzo

Via De Amicis, 3/5 – Piazza Marinai D’Italia, 9
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia