Pescheria da Cucuzza


Pescheria da Cucuzza

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FISHMONGER | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia – Italia

Pescheria da Cucuzza

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Hidden behind stupendous Mediterranean sea bass, sea bream, and a colourful variety of seafood you’ll find a marvelous example of the typical molese: Vito Rotondi, known by everyone in town as Vito Cucuzza. Kindness, availability, and trust are the three concepts that define his business. Vito is famous for his sarcasm, and as such that’s where his nickname and the name of his fishmonger come from, “Da Cucuzza.”

Vito has been behind the counter of his shop since 1994, when the South Adriatic Cooperative of Mola di Bari gave him the opportunity to learn the business from the masters of the local fishmonger, Pioniere del Mare. While he may not be so sea going himself these days, Vito is certainly a pioneer of each catch of the day and the freshest sea food in Mola di Bari. You’ll always find his wife, Angela, by his side, ready to open and clean fish with the touch of a true molese. On their colourful counter you’ll be able to purchase fresh fish such as scorpion fish, Mediterranean sea bass, peter’s fish, mullets, octopus and shellfish, delicious fresh fish for eating raw, sea urchins, clams, black mussels, hairy mussels, oysters, warty venus, and all that our beloved seas can offer. The local catch is the true star of the show in this fishmonger, with the freshest fish supplied by the renowned flotilla of molese fishing vessels. Other than the local specialties prepared by Vito, Arcangelo, and Antonello for your seafood recipes, you can also try amazing tunaburgers, swordfish, and European perch of the highest quality, selected and certified, cleaned and dressed fish mixes for pasta dishes, risotto, soups, and bbqs in the countryside. Vito is the official fish and seafood dealer for many molese homes, restaurants, as well as international chefs and clients who appreciate his specialties all over the world. Pescheria da Cucuzza is open even on Sunday morning so you can make sure to have fresh fish readily available any day of the week. Orders available for pickup in store or delivery at home.


Pescheria da Cucuzza

Via Principe Amedeo 12
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia