La Bottega Corderia Palmi

Artisanal objects and accessories made from rope

La Bottega di Corderia Palmi



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Local Craft | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia, Italy

La Bottega di Corderia Palmi

Fourth generation weavers


In this welcoming shop, the spirits of the land and sea come together to recreate the history of hand made items in Mola di Bari. In the small workshop you can admire and buy objects, coverings, accessories and clothes all created by hand with sustainable materials that can be cleaned in a modern washing machine. The idea of Michele Palmi, the young inheritor of his family’s traditions, he successfully joins tradition with modernity. The artisanal working of rope and the ancient profession of the rope maker, by now almost completely forgotten even in Puglia, has been transferred uninterrupted in the Palmi family of Mola di Bari with artisanal production and rules of the art step in step with the needs of the modern market.
The Palmis started with fiscoli, the traditional woven baskets for filtering olive oil, passing through phases of nautical production, to finally arrive at interior decorations, accessories and fashion.
A story nearly 70 years old that has never lost its soul to the ravages of time or the standardization of industrial innovation.
The “pigna” is the central portion to which cotton, wicker and hemp become wrapped around to create their rope: it’s a toothed wooden wheel which Michele has chosen as the symbol of their enterprise. You can see it in action in their workshop in the “white zone” of Mola di Bari: a unique view framed by the white lime and local produce set out on the streets in front of the arched doors of traditional homes.
Baskets, bottles, candle holders, vase stands, pot placemats, decoration of all sorts, as well as bracelets, bags, and sustainable clothes free from glue or adhesives: each of these objects speaks the history of Mola di Bari making themselves modern symbols for Michele’s passion for the history of his family and our small community.
His work is patience, love, and conscience, and his products with pure Molese soul with regale you a fascinating and unrepeatable history blessed by the smell of the sea.


La bottega di Corderia Palmi

via Guglielmo Pepe 34
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia