Coop Pescivendoli Martinelli


Coop Pescivendoli Martinelli

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FISHMONGER | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia – Italia

Coop Pescivendoli Martinelli

Freshness and tradition


From the piazza del pesce to their modern fishmonger, the Martinelli family has been a part of local history thanks to their long tradition of supplying Mola di Bari with all sorts of fresh fish. Much time has passed since 1944, when nonno Leonardo founded a cooperative to unite the local fishmongers to guarantee their survival after the end of World War 2. More than 70 partners have joined forces with the Martinellis throughout the generations, creating a solid international trade network that passes by Messina, Rome, Genoa, Turin, Milan, Barcellona, various Greek ports, with its central focal point here in Mola di Bari.

Leonardo understood quickly that the local fish trade was the key to making a name for Mola di Bari using its most basal component: the sea. When his son Nicola took the reigns of the union into his own hands, he created the focal point for his ventures: a single fish market owned by the individual partners to commercialize on his connections in Mola and worldwide. Leonardo’s counter is mostly appreciated for the freshness, quality, and traditionality represented by its products; cod fish, seabream, mullets, cuttlefish, fish soup, live octopus and musky octopus, requested on a national level as far as Naples and Genoa. Many restaurants in our region serve his seafood and shellfish: sea urchins, squid, mussels, black mussels, hairy mussels, sea walnuts, oysters, shrimp, lobster, and all of the rare specialties that you’ll only find in Mola di Bari.
In recent years, Leonardo has also become a master in fileting, de-spining and in the preparation of carpaccio, tartar, and fishburgers.
Facing the characteristic cala Portecchia with its typical little fishing boats reflecting in the seawater, at the Martinelli fishmonger you can taste all the flavours of the sea.


Coop Pescivendoli Pescheria Martinelli

Piazza Marinai D’Italia 12
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia