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Mola di Bari is relaxation and comfort: just steps from the beach and extremely close to stations, airports and the most beautiful spots in Puglia. If you’re looking to spend a longer period of time in our fair city, or are looking to buy a house or commercial space, Casa a Mola is the real estate agency for you.
Real estate experts, the agents of Casa a Mola will offer you complete service: detached homes, villas, apartments, commercial space and parking spots. All you have to do is indicated what you’re looking for and your budget and Rossana and Alessandro will do the rest: documentation, certification, restoration guarantees, installation, and modernization.
A hard working and ambitious team with an expert eye for deals and always ready to understand your needs.
The housing market of the Province of Bari is a sector in rapid growth, with many easily reached touristic spots such as Polignano, Monopoli, Alberobello, Conversano and Castellana Grotte making it an ideal market for someone looking to get in on a competitive market. If you’re looking for an accommodating place to live, or you want to invest in the territory around Mola di Bari, don’t hesitate to contact Alessandro and Rossana for consultations and viewings free of charge. Here you’ll find all necessary contacts.


Casa a Mola

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Mola di Bari

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