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Graphic design and Screen printing | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia, Italy


Screenprinting and style made in Puglia


Original, captivating, acute, and Made in Puglia, in one word: Asatt. In his laboratory-shop you’ll find sweaters, t-shirts, sportswear and bags, all lovingly hand printed with surprising graphics designed by local artists and others.
Felice is an artisan from Mola di Bari with a strong sense of community and an irresistible passion for avant guard street art and underground culture. The idea behind his label sheds some light on his story and personality: the name of his shop is actually a reference to the language of one of his patients in the social-sanitary sector in which Felice worked for many years. His first lab was born out of the desire to give his patients a creative outlet and to learn how to work in groups.
Felice chose his home town, Mola di Bari, as the gravitational centre of his life and work. It isn’t rare to find artists and musicians in Felice’s lab, with whom he often collaborates on events and expositions.
In the city centre of Mola di Bari you can find much more than just a souvenir: you’ll not only find the official VisitMoladiBari tote bags in this shop, but everything exposed is a unique rare item made in Puglia.
Discover the world famous creativity of the Italians and the most innovative trends, and rediscover the value of a hand made product.



via Cesare Battisti 54
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia