How to get to Mola di Bari, useful info and directions

Your trip to Mola di Bari: how to move around in the city

You don’t know how to get to Mola di Bari or how to move around the area? Here is all the information you need. Zip up your suitcase and come and meet us: Puglia awaits!

By plane

Only 30 km away from the airport of Bari-Palese (BRI), and 100 km from the airport of Brindisi or airport of Salento. You can get to Mola di Bari by public transport.

By train

Mola di Bari is only 18 minutes away from Bari Central station. Trains with destination Brindisi, Lecce and Mola di Bari run every 15 to 20 minutes.

By bus

National coach services stop in Mola di Bari, but only on limited services.
However, departing from Bari, you can catch a bus from the seafront. The companies that provide this service are STP and Ferrovie del Sud-Est.

By car

Follow the SS 16, take the first exit for Mola di Bari, either from North or South.