Holidays and Traditions

Holidays and Traditions

Live all the holidays, folklore, and popular customs of Mola di Bari

Rituals, celebrations, and faith: the famous gatherings of the Molese community

Religious traditions with their cadences and rituals have always been a part of the daily life of the community in Mola di Bari. Once, special moments of togetherness for the community, today the religious festivals are occasions for understanding the roots of our town and to admire the devotion of the participants.


Holy week

The week before easter Sunday is full of rituals and celebrations that trace the last moments in the life of Christ. During these you can walk with Him during the passion, brought back to life through quotations of the gospel read aloud in the main street of Mola di Bari. The strong sense of community faith is very much palpable during these intense days, with processions that reveal the profound affection of the Molesi during this essential period of the liturgical year.


The feast of St. Anthony

St. Anthony is one of the most beloved saints of the Molese people. The procession of the friar of Padua through the streets of the city is an unmissable occasion. Many of the faithful walk the streets with long candles and bare feet to show the grace that has been granted unto them. The zone around the church of St. Anthony becomes illuminated and large bonfire is lit later on in the night.


Feast of Our Lady of the High Seas

This particular religious custom reflects the maritime tradition of Mola di Bari to create an emotional celebration: A parade of local boats and pyrotechnic effects sing the praises of the Madonna, while the cumulation of all the religious events of the preceding week results in a large party in the main piazza.


Feast of St. Rocco

Many years ago, this was the feast day to rival the festival of the city’s patron saint, but with the pass of time, the celebrations for this particular saint’s day have been noticeably reduced. This day still conserves the devotion of the Molesi for St. Roch (Rocco), which takes place in the main church of the city. Celebrations mostly take place in the old town, with pyrotechnic displays and manchnic displays and many lights. The procession takes place over two days, passing through many of the main streets in the city.


Feast of the Patron Saint – Our Lady of Sorrows

The “festa grande,” or the most widely known and practiced of all the traditional saints days in Mola di Bari is dedicated to the cult of Our Lady of Sorrows, the “Madonna Addolorata.” An intense week of spiritual preparation and spectacles: lights, stages, and the famous “cassarmonica”: choral groups and bands fill the town from Friday to Monday, alternating with rites and religious celebrations. A unique occasion to get to know the traditions and customs of Mola di Bari


A Molese Christmas

The most beautiful and heartfelt celebration of the year is illuminated by colours and holiday cheer. Nativity scenes and themed exhibitions, with choral groups mixing traditional and modern ideas. The city offers many cultural programs also in this period of the year, when the days are short and the nights are cold. Part of this holiday tradition now includes the Christmas concert by the vocal academy, directed by the maestro Nicola Diomede, which takes place in various churches. The most important streets and the main piazza are lit up by community groups to turn Mola into a city of lights.