Let’s go to the beach

Let’s go to the beach

Let’s go to the beach

A quick swim in the city or a state of the art beach party!

One foot on land and one at sea: urban beaches

If you don’t have time or can’t get around easily, the common molese takes advantage of one of the convenient beaches located next to the city centre, across the square, either on the left or on the right…



The Arm, what is called the pier: from the castle walls you should see some figures diving into the water.
Quick and painless, short and sweet, here you can take a dive into crystal clear waters from the voluminous and flat boulders that make up the breakwater (“cascione” in our dialect). Watch your step!


Portecchia, Porto Colombo and La Sciala delle Cozze

The typical molese shore has little sand and many rocks, very uncomfortable to walk barefoot, these beaches are easy to reach, but you will need your beach shoes: apparently slippery and pointy rocks are great practice if you want to train as a fakir or a balancing performer.

A jump into the clear waters – the coves between Cozze and Polignano

Get a bicycle or a scooter (parking is hard, some might say impossible), you will discover quiet and less crowded rocky shores or sandy beaches that will give you the peace and quiet you were longing for!


Il Timone

The ship’s wheel: following the coast from Mola di Bari towards Polignano, there is Cozze, Mola’s seaside resort.
Turning towards the coast from the roundabout, or crossing the little village of Cozze, follow the signs towards the private beach “Coco”, beyond which you will reach the flat white rocks, where you can comfortably lay down and enter the water either by jumping from the rocks or by safely following the handrail.


La capannina

The little tent: following the coastline Mola to Polignano, just round the bend after the camping site on the left, there is the pedestrian access to the coast. From the lovely entrance, between the prickly pears and the typical Mediterranean trees, you can glimpse the rocky shores and some little tents made of driftwoods and palm leaves, just on top of the little cliffs. Lay down your beach towels and just chill out.



Almost at San Giovanni (Poligano a Mare), following the signs that take you to the summer resort, you can reach the public (and free) beach of Pietregea. Sand and rocks await..and deep deep blue waters.


Porto Cavallo

Horse Harbour: a ten-minute car ride on the coast path from Mola towards Polignano, after Cozze and San Giovanni, there is the little village of San Vito, which belongs to Polignano. You can see its abbey from the main road. Towards the end of this suburb, you will find signs pointing towards a little sandy cove, sheltered from the winds and sea breeze that often blow on our seas.


La grotta delle Rondinelle

The entrance to Polignano a Mare could not be more enticing: way before the first houses appear, you will find the “Grotta delle Rondinelle” (cave of the little swallows). You can jump into the water from the very top of the cave, or enjoy the cool air and water inside it. Climbing on top of the rocks, you can find little shady caves that will shelter you from the heat where you can enjoy a proper “chill” out.

Port_Alga_Polignano_Visit_Mola_di_Bari Puglia

Port'alga - Polignano a mare

From Mola you can either reach this destination by car in 15 minutes, or you can hop with your bicycle on a train. After 10 minutes hop off and cycle for 5. Following south, you will find signs that will lead you to Port’alga (“sea weed” harbour). The rocky walls that edge the roads will lead you straight to the beach, made of little sandy bays wrapped in white rocks.

Torre_Incina_Monopoli_Visit_Mola_di_Bari Puglia

Torre Incina

Following the coast line after Polignano, towards Monopoli, another stunning beach awaits. From the motorway you can see a Norman tower on top of the cliff. The deep and steep stairway will lead you to this heavenly cove. Rocks, caves and pebbles, the little fishing boats moored in the cove and the little houses carved in the stone. On the very top of the tower there is a rock form which you can jump into the cool water.