Note di mediterraneo

Dal Canonico

Note di mediterraneo

6 rooms




Concerts and tastings in traditional “masserie” in the Mola di Bari countryside

Note di mediterraneo



The Antiche Ville was an ancient cardinal point for the molesi seeking natural cures to what ailed them, and the lands surrounding them are still dotted with 16th century chapels, masserias, and millennial olive trees.
The bubbly scent of the Mediterranean and the sweet sounds that echo through the ancient orchards of poggio di San Materno will be your fairytale guide to the splendid Masseria Dal Canonico, an antique seignorial villa constructed in a Venetian style.
The white stone walls and the ornamental plants and flowers the surround the grand pool will welcome you as you set foot in the villas main hall.

Beneath the low vaulted ceilings built in ages long past a world of sweet sounds and unforgettable tastes awaits you for a one of a kind night.
From the stage you’ll bear witness to the images of some of the greatest names in the history of Jazz, a genre to which the Satalino Brunetti family is particularly fond of. Their musical season often contains notes of contrasting colours, ranging from blues and rock, to lyrical chamber music in order to cater to all sorts of tastes with a program that never gets stale.

After you’ve had your fill of food, wine, and music, you can also enjoy the night in one of the rooms of the masseria, available on reservation. Your morning will be made with a delicious breakfast and a breathtaking view of the green hills, starting your early hours with a poem that will follow you throughout the day.

Consult their calendar to find a concert that truly speaks to you or visit their site for more information on their dinner menus and reservations.


Dal Canonico

Contrada “Brenca” – località S. Materno
“Poggio Antiche Ville”
via Chiancarelle, 48

70042 Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia