Frantoio Griseta

Frantoio Griseta

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Apulian Gold

Frantoio Griseta | Passionate olive oil makers


Already in their fourth generation of producing olive oil, the Griseta family opens its doors so you can come take a have a look at their large facility and to guide you in a journey into the secrets of extra virgin olive oil!
Starting as a father and son enterprise in 1930, this frantoio has conserved the traditional extraction methods for the natural fruit collected from 6000 ancient trees of their family farm. Their artisanal cold extraction technique is based off a centenary of experience and guarantees a unique and balanced flavour with an always refined taste.
The Griseta family will explain how they process their meaty olives: once this process finishes, you’ll be able to see how this noble fruit is turned into pure liquid gold.
Your tour ends with a feast for the eyes and the stomach in the classic Apulian way: an aperitivo of bread, oil, just a little salt and a glass of good read wine to fully absorb the flavours of Apulia.

Guided tours & tastings


Frantoio Griseta
Via L. Einaudi 26/28

Mola di Bari
Bari, Puglia