ParlaPiano Buvette

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ParlaPiano Buvette

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PUB CAFE | Mola di Bari, Bari, Puglia – Italy

ParlaPiano Buvette

Good manners, good drinks


Madamoiselles et monsieurs, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ParlaPiano Buvette! The Alchemist Joe is always hard at work in his laboratory in order to prepare magical elixirs to stupefy and inebriate with gusto his regulars and all other guests who want to learn that drinking in Mola di Bari is a sensory experience.
A luxurious and sophisticated speakeasy in a 30’s style in the heart of the old town, a unique location with overtures of spice that entangles its guests with the sweet sounds of jazz, acoustic rock, and retro melodies.
ParlaPiano is a style, an approach: it means to sip on a good coffee while the slow and hardworking daily life of the ancient quarter reawakens, it means to taste the intensity of a glass of wine exalted by its pairing with an artisanal meat and cheese plate from local producers, or a crunchy gourmet panini with traditional flavours and modern accoutrements.
Joe’s drink list is a trip through space and time, remixing classic unforgettable cocktails and revolutionizing how we drink: his potions are born from the inspiration of great art and the beauty of each mix is brought out in smells, tastes, and spirits.
Joe is a young bartender with the soul of a gentleman: with just a look and a couple of questions he’ll immediately be able to satisfy your tastes with tailor made cocktails that are sure to affect your emotions.
ParlaPiano is home to concerts, and vintage dj sets and is equipped with about 20 seats in their salon, as well as a comfortable outdoor seating area in a characteristic ancient old city alley with a further 25 seats.


ParlaPiano Buvette

via V. Veneto 3
Mola di Bari

Bari, Puglia