A pocketful of Puglia

A pocketful of Puglia

A pocketful of Puglia

Polignano, Alberobello, Bari and the treasures of Puglia

A trip full of arts, culture and emotions

Due to its strategic location, Mola di Bari allows an easy and relaxing commute to the most famous tourist attractions of Puglia. By car, by train or by bus you can wonder around these Mediterranean treasures.



Today they are declared world heritage, the trulli of Alberobello are the bricks that build an enchanted village, that surprise whoever visits our amazing Puglia. A half hour car ride away from Mola, Alberobello is the heart of the green Valley of Itria. These buildings so called “a secco” (which means dry), have no cement. They have made the whole place famous. The local count came up with this brilliant idea to not pay taxes to the deputy king of Naples. The story tells that the buildings were completely put down every time the tax man came by.

Conversano Visit Mola di Bari Puglia


It is known as the city of the count, because Goffredo D’Altavilla made it the centre of a large apulian county. The castle is predominant on the old town. This is a maze made of little white alleyways that host secret and monuments like the cathedral and the monastery of San Benedetto, whose cloister hosts cultural festivals.  In the countryside, between the cherry and olive trees are sparsely located churches, “masserie” (ancient farms) and encounter fortresses, like the one located in Castiglione or the breath-taking scenic Santa Maria dell’Isola.

Castellana Grotte Visit Mola di Bari Puglia

Castellana Grotte

A must-see and famous all over the world, the caves of Castellana are the Apuglian marvels. Only 20 minutes away from Mola di Bari by bus or by car, this place is a can’t-miss for any explorer. They are ideal for a family day out or a group tour, you can visit them during the whole day and night! During the whole year theatrical and musical shows are held inside the caves. The little city has a lovely old town, where shows, folk and cultural festivals often take place.

Monopoli Visit Mola di Bari Puglia


In a brief trip by train from Mola, you will find Monopoli. The predominant building is the castle Carlo V. Its walls surround the south eastern part of the city. It is one of the cities in the province of Bari that hosts largest number of cultural events.
The old part of the city is full of churches, noble palaces from the 1700s and from the so called “murattiano” style and medieval fortifications. The cool countryside is full of little districts and farms adorned with centuries-old olive trees and typical Apulian orchards. Above all, Monopoli is full of beaches with deep clear water.

Polignano a mare Visit Mola di Bari Puglia


A handful of minutes away by train you will reach the “Blue painted of Blue” Polignano a Mare, Domenico Modugno’s town. The Roman bridge that faces deep waters, made of rock and coloured in white. It is a sight for sore eyes and it perks up the spirit: you can snoop into the little shops in the alleyways of the old town, where little local artisans make and sell their masterpieces. From the lookouts on top of the cliffs, you will get a breath-taking view and you will be able to fly (“volare”)!

Cattedrale di Bari Visit Mola di Bari Puglia


It will only take you 20 minutes to get to Bari, the capital of our magical Puglia! A pleasant walk on the seafront will take you to the old town and to the Murat neighbourhood. The castle walls guard the old town like a chest: enter and get amazed by the outdoor factories of orecchiette (“little ears” typical shape of the local pasta) and fresh pasta, perfume of fried doughballs (“popizze”), focaccia and “sgagliozze” (slices of deep fried polenta), the Basil and the Cathedral.
Mind the billboards: the Theatre Margherita, floating above the water, the Petruzzelli and others theatres could be hosting interesting exhibits or shows!