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For your holiday in Puglia come and visit, taste and enjoy all the wonders of the Mediterranean.
VisitMoladiBari will guide you through the discovery of our city, with interesting itineraries and great and original tips and notions into history, culture and entertainment.
Mola di Bari is not just a village on the coast, it is an ideal location where cities and small town meet, where the smooth and laid-back stillness of the summer heat and the culinary and cultural attractions melt into an experience that will render your stay unforgettable.
Here you will find all the information necessary to get to us, to move around in the city, to reach the beaches and the other towns and find out what shows, exhibits and concerts are currently available.
We want to give unforgettable memories so you can feel like this is your home too.

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Mola di Bari: places, monuments, everyday life

Discover Mola di Bari through its many interesting spots, buildings, and piazzas. Use our mini guide and choose your itinerary to let yourself be inspired.


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The location, the monuments, everyday life.

XX Settembre piazza is the busiest area in town. It is a spacious pedestrian area made entirely of white local stone and is the meeting point for the locals. The monumental fountain is the pivotal point of Sunday promenades, which amble between the cool seafront and the Romanesque mother church (the main church of the city), constructed in the early 13th century and located in the old town.
Come take a look at our fish market, well known to anyone from around the city of Bari, or the fruit market in front of a quaint tree lined park, across the road from the Santissimo Rosario church and the San Domenico monastery. Also be sure not to miss our majestic Angevin Castle, and impenetrable fortress that has kept the little village of Mola di Bari secure for centuries.

Local Holidays, Traditions, and Events in Mola di Bari: Live the “Pugliese” life

Holidays and Traditions

Discover our local traditions, our folklore, and our local holidays. Become a part of the community and share with us the history and culture of Mola di Bari


Check out our page to find out about concerts, live performances, and special events in Mola. In this section you’ll find all the news and opportunities to have fun in our town.